It is bad enough that to get you till here, Click here to get the resolution of any issue. Rides are cancellable before starting the ride and can be done on the app, using the cancel button on the booking.

You can also cancel the ride by contacting our Customer Care.

The cancellation charges are-

  • Cancellation made more than 6hrs before booking start: ₹100
  • Cancellation made within 6hrs of booking start: 50 % of Booking Fee
  • Cancellation made within 2hrs of booking time: 75% of the Booking Fee
  • Cancellation made after booking start: No Refund

For Long Term Rental and Rent-To-Own(R2O) bookings, we provide refunds only for any advanced payments made by the customer, and payments up to the cancellation date need to be made before cancellations.